Sunday, January 28, 2007

RUBY and SAM ANGLUND travel scrapbooks.

...Ruby and Sam were sheep salespeople in Illinois and liked to fish and travel. That much I know about them from RUBY's lovely scrapbooks which I found in an antiques shop. I was charmed with Ruby's typewritten accounts and I hope you enjoy the digital version of their travels on old highways around America, and later using airlines on the 1956 trip. Her presentation includes pressed flowers and plants, photos, maps, ephemera and opinionated commentary.

....Emil Benthack .... a lovely character name...
...snazzy logo, too

Their stub from entering Yellowstone, 1937

The picture is sadly missing, but check RUBY's comment below- this made me like her even more...

The brand-new mountain highway...

Lovely old-school panorama shot
Our first better look at SAM ANGLIN (the driver)

Sam and Ruby

Now we go into the 1941 trip--it's a big one!
Ruby did a lot of collaging and cutting to make these. Nice layout, below:

It's nice that we get the detailed notes about their fuel use and other non-essential stuff...

Note the quote below--one of my favorites:

Yup, they really did meet folks called Coldsnow in Glacier Park...

Some more nice pressed flora...
Opinions of the local Indian population were not high....

Note the saddle shop's SLOGAN, below:

Lovely hand-drawn map

That's right! See America--but, um, first the WEST!
Some 1941 driving tips, and an enlargement of my favorite line:

So much for 1941, now we go north (from their home in Chicago area) for their 1942 fishing trip:

Ruby starts to hook the big fish, and then they begin hauling in lots of 'em ....

And now the 1956 trip to California: (but first Salt Lake)

Detail from a Mormon history booklet:

And we keep heading west...

Hardly any time in California- and they experience an earthquake:

And so we leave Ruby and Sam. Thanks, folks, for sharing your story.

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